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TEEYO Announce The Success Of Devolopment Of Wireless Charging Magneic Sheet
Nov 23, 2018

TEEYO company is a professional designer and manufacturer of soft magnetic material and inductive componets including amorphous ,nanocrystalline ,silicon steel  and nickel-iron products .Recently  this company announced the success of devolopment of wireless charging magnetic sheet which use nanocrystalline and amorphous  soft magnetic alloy. This kind of nanocrystalline magnetic sheet shows superior performace of hign permeability and low core loss , is sucessfully applied in receiver of wireless charging and NFC antennas.  Nanocrystalline magnetic sheet have 10 times  smaller core loss than  ferrite material ,that can reduce heat  and enhance charge speed of WPC.  Currently ,major global smartphone suppliers like Apple, Huawri ,Samsung have launched wireless charging phones  that means wireless charging techonoligy with will lead a new era ,nanocrystalline magnetic sheet will shine!


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