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Sensor Application Area
Oct 29, 2018

Sensor Applications Sensors are used in machine building, industrial process control, automotive electronics, communications electronics, consumer electronics and specialty equipment.

1 special equipment

Special equipment mainly includes professional electronic equipment used in medical, environmental protection, meteorology and other fields. The current medical field is an emerging market with huge sensor sales and considerable profits. This field requires the development of sensing devices in the direction of miniaturization, low cost and high reliability.

2 Industrial Automation

Inductors used in industrial applications, such as process control, industrial machinery, and conventional; various measurement process variables (such as temperature, liquid level, pressure, flow, etc.); measurement of electronic characteristics (current, voltage, etc.) and physical quantities (motion, Speed, load and strength), as well as traditional proximity/positioning sensors, are growing rapidly.

3 Communication Electronics

The sharp increase in mobile phone production and the increasing number of new mobile phone functions have brought opportunities and challenges to the sensor market. The increasing market share of color-screen mobile phones and camera phones has increased the proportion of sensors used in this field. In addition, ultrasonic sensors applied to PBX and cordless phones, magnetic field sensors for magnetic storage media, etc., will see strong growth.

4 Automotive Industry

The key to the level of electronic control systems for modern luxury cars is the number and level of pressure sensors. Currently, there are dozens to nearly a hundred sensors installed on a typical family car, and the number of sensors on a luxury car can be increased. There are more than 200 species, usually more than 30 species, and hundreds of them.

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