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How Should I Choose A High Frequency Isolation Transformer
Oct 30, 2018

The video lines (3 pairs) of the three cameras are transmitted to the DVR via a long distance of 800m.

Note: The lines of these 3 pairs of video lines are always together.

The current situation is this:

1, one of the color images is often black and white,

2, the other two images are always color images but often have stripes

For the second point,

Initially suspected because the ground lines of the 3 pairs of video lines that were last connected to the DVR interfered with each other.

And caused the second phenomenon mentioned above. Later, in the place where 3 pairs of video lines passed, I chose

2 points, at these 2 points, let the ground lines of the 3 pairs of video lines advance in advance.

As a result, the occurrence of streaks on the image is greatly improved.

This shows that ground interference is indeed an important cause of image streaks.

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