Common mode choke magnetic ring type core advantage
Oct 30, 2018


High initial permeability (this is the basic requirement of common mode inductance), high saturation magnetic induction, temperature stability compared to ferrite (can be understood as small temperature rise), frequency characteristics are more flexible, because the magnetic permeability is high, small can be Make a lot of sense, the adaptation frequency is wider;

Overall advantage:

Because the initial permeability is 5-20 times that of ferrite, the inhibition of conducted interference is much greater than that of ferrite;

The high saturation magnetic induction of nanocrystals is better than that of ferrite, so it is not easy to saturate at high currents;

The temperature rise is lower than that of the UF series, and someone actually tests: it is nearly 10 degrees lower at room temperature (personal test value is for reference only);

The flexibility of the structure makes it adaptable, and it can adapt to different needs from the change of processing technology (see the magnetic ring inductance used in energy-saving lamps, the use is quite flexible);

The distributed capacitance will be smaller because the area of the winding is wider and the volume is relatively small;

The number of turns used in the loop is less, the distribution parameters are smaller, and the efficiency is superior (for the specific analysis, it may be due to the wire diameter, it is expected to be added);

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