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Amorphous Core, Nanocrystalline Core,Silicon Steel Core,Permalloy Core for Industry use are widely used in the following industry, such as Current Transformer, Common Mode Choke and HF Power Transformers:Read More+
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FOSHAN TEEYO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has focused on top soft magnetic products for over 10 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the soft magnetic industry in China. Today, we has been one of the top producers of soft magnetic materials products, such as: Amorphous Core, Nanocrystalline Core,Silicon Steel Core,Permalloy Core,Current Transformer Core,Common Mode Choke,HF Power Transformers
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FOSHAN TEEYO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Products includes the following:Amorphous Core,Nanocrystalline Core,Silicon Steel Core,Permalloy Core……Read More+
TEEYO announce the success of devolopment of wireless charging magneic sheet which can be used for WPC and NFC antenna of smart cellphone.……
Nov 23
Soft magnetic materials refer to ferromagnetic materials with small residual magnetization and coercive force……
Oct 30
Definition of soft magnetic material: Magnetic material with low coercivity and high magnetic permeability.……
Oct 30
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